Self Service Kiosk


Introducing our new, completely contactless self service kiosk located in the front lobby of Hickman Chevrolet Cadillac on 85 Kenmount Road.


Drop in at any time, day or night and follow the command prompts on the kiosk screen. Customers can then safely and securely place their keys in one of the designated drop boxes. You will then receive a text message notifying you throughout each step of your vehicles’ service from start to finish. You will also receive a PIN in that text message for you to open the designated drop box so that you can pick up your keys upon completion of your service. When your service is complete, one of our Service Advisors will return your keys to the designated drop box at the kiosk. Finally, you will receive another text message letting you know that your service is complete and that your vehicle is ready for pickup.


Self Service Express Lane ID

Customers can now also receive a Self Service Lane Express ID Card. This card will allow you to check into your service appointment even faster. Simply tap your card on the card reader indicated below when prompted on the screen. It’s that simple, quick and easy! Book your service appointment online by going to or fill out the service form below!